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Providing intervention services to assist students in reaching their maximum potential in school by identifying, assessing & resolving barriers that interfere with student academic achievement, attendance & school adjustment.

Services Provided by School Social Workers

  • make home visits to help the school better understand the child and to help the family better  understand the school.
  • work with teachers and school staff when students have learning problems.
  • refer parents to appropriate community agencies for assistance.
  • promote regular school attendance through early intervention.
  • arrange parent conferences.
  • assist in securing clothes, shoes and medical care for students.
  • confer with child-serving agencies in the community and make referrals when appropriate.
  • participate in school conferences with parents, students and teachers.
  • inform parents of their children’s behavior and achievements in school.
  • encourage parents to visit their child’s school and become involved.

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Contact Us

Ken Arnold, Director of Attendance and Social Work
(O) 355-2064
FAX 355-9659

Leanne Ramirez, LMSW, Hispanic Liaison
(O) 355-2079
FAX: 355-9802
Cell Phone: 449-3300

Wendy Riddle, Secretary
(O) 355-2080
FAX: 355-9390

Carolina Van De Voorde, LMSW, Hispanic Liaison
(O) 355-1733
FAX:  355-9651

Tiffany Whitney, LMSW, Pregnant and Parenting Specialist
(O) 355-2989
FAX:  355-9804

Irene Hamilton-Jones, Homeless Coordinator
(O) 355-7366
Fax 355-9754
Cell Phone: 982-3818