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Griffin News

Griffin NewsOur Griffin News Team provides late-breaking and current events for all of Sterling School by a new team composed of talented 7th and 8th graders. We pride ourselves on delivering the facts truthfully and efficiently; ensuring that our viewers get daily information regarding school-wide events without bias. You can count on GRIFFIN NEWS to not just deliver the news, but also heartwarming stories of the students and the staff here at Sterling School. 

Upcoming Testing Dates

4/30  - ELA1 - 3rd-8th grade

5/1 - ELA 2 - 3rd-8th grade

5/7- Math - 3rd-8th grade

5/8 - Science - 4th and 6th grade

5/13 Field Test ELA (Writing) - 3rd-6th and 8th grade

5/17 Field Test ELA (Writing) - 7th grade

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