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The department of academics in Greenville County Schools supports academic-related services to our students. Use the links on the right side of this page to learn more about the programs and services below.

Academic Innovation and Technology

Academic Innovation and Technology supports personalized learning through Instructional Technology, Media Services, Satellite Diploma Program, GCS Virtual Program, Distance Learning, Extended Day, New Tech schools, Title I and Title III schools,.

Academic Innovation & Technology Website

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services is responsible for assessing, developing, and evaluating curriculum; coordinating special programs; and providing for the continuous improvement of instruction.

Academic Support Services Website

Accountability and Quality Assurance

The Accountability and Quality Assurance team plans and conducts a program of evaluation and research to support academic achievement.

Accountability and QA Website

Early Intervention and Student Support Services

This department supports early learning programs, including intervention services for students, and Read to Succeed.

Early Intervention Website

School Counseling and Sirrine Scholarship

The school counseling program in Greenville County is a collaborative effort benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. 

School Counseling Website

Career and Technology Education

This department supports Career Centers, Charter Schools, Fine Arts Center, Life-Long Learning, and Business Partnerships.

Graduation Plus Website

Special Education

This department supports all special education programs in Greenville County Schools

Special Education Website

Academics Administration

Jeff McCoy, Associate Superintendent for Academics
(864) 355-3134 | 

Dr. Charlotte McDavid
Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Technology
(864) 355-3143

Eric Williams
Executive Director – College and Career Readiness
(864) 355-1091

Dr. Jason McCreary
Director, Accountability and Quality Assurance
(864) 355-3369

Dr. Susan Stevens
Director Early Intervention and Support Services 
(864) 355-7361

Elizabeth House
Director, School Counseling and Sirrine Scholarship
(864) 355-3391

Traci Hogan
Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Services
(864) 355-3395

Bradley Wingate
Director of Performing Arts
(864) 355-4888

Academic Support Services Staff

Amy Amidon, Secondary Instructional Specialist – Middle School Math & Title 1 Math Coach
(864) 452-0784 |

Andrea Bell,  Academic Specialist for Health and Physical Education
(864) 355-3181 |

Stephanie Burdette, Academic Specialist K-5 Mathematics
(864) 355-3193 |

Katie Delloso, K-5 Academic Specialist for STEAM/Science and Digital Literacy
(864) 355-3187 |

Tami Finley, K-5 Academic Specialist for ELA and Social Studies
(864) 355-7313 |

Stephanie Calloway, Academic Specialist for 6-12 Science/STEM
(864) 355-5395 |

Kristy Jennings, Academic Specialist for K-5 English Language Arts
(864) 355-3190 |

Tamara Glover, Secondary Instructional Specialist – High School Math & Title 1 Math Coach
(864) 452-0782 |

Kelly Nalley, Coordinator of Advanced Academic Programs (AP, GT and IB)
(864) 355-4821 |

Shayla S. Read, Academics Specialist for 6-12 English Language Arts
(864) 355-3127 |

Fran Rogers, Secondary Instructional Specialist – Social Studies & 6-12 IC Support
(864) 355-3359|

Dr. Jamie Whitlock, Academic Specialist Career and Technical Education
(864) 355-0937 |