Greenville County Schools Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for Education Plan Goal 4: Efficient management and further development of financial resources. To meet this goal, account for all financial/treasury transactions and support district operations, Finance is organized with six operating departments:

Financial Transaction Register

School districts are to maintain a website-based financial transaction register that includes credit card monthly statements and a complete record of all funds expended over $100.

Accounting Services (Accounts Payable, Business Services, General Ledger Accounting, and Fixed Assets),

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  This was prepared for web delivery by the external auditors, Greene, Finney and Horton, LLP, Certified Public Accountants.

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Contact Information

Jeffrey Knotts, Executive Director, 355-1160

Kathy Jenkins, Secretary, 355-1161

Erin Cann, Analyst, 355-3128

Sherri Cartee, Financial Analyst, 355-1162