Upcoming Events


Reading at WC

Ms. Elizabeth Piper, a special education homebound teacher at Washington Center, devotes time during each homebound session to leisure reading. Click here to read more about reading at WC

WC Coffee Cart

Students in Mrs. Nardia Lloyd’s class enjoy serving coffee and hot chocolate to Washington Center staff members. Click here to read more about the WC Coffee Cart

Lunch & Learn

An Estate Planning seminar, with focus on future preparations for individuals with Special Needs, was recently held for Washington Center families. Click here to read more about this Lunch & Learn

Bon Secours

Bon Secours has offered some great opportunities for our Washington Center students and families.  The auditorium’s Sensory Suite is available, as long as space allows, for remaining hockey games, Furman basketball, and Monster Jam on Friday, February 7 at 7pm or Saturday, February 8 at 7pm. The suite can hold up to 12 people; each student is permitted three guests. Also, Bon Secours will provide tickets inside the Sensory Suite at no cost to our families.

Contact Riley Krupen via email, RKrupen@bswarena.com , for reservations and information.

Winter Landscapes

Under the instruction of art teacher Amanda Wakely, Washington Center students created their sky for a winter landscape by finger-painting on a lightbox. Then, they learned how to make a monoprint by pulling a print from their design. Click here to continue reading about art at WC

About Us

Washington Center is a separate school facility for students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.  Students are served on a specifically designed campus where there are 18 classrooms.  Additional space includes cafeteria, student kitchen, greenhouse, gym, media center, therapy rooms, multisensory suite, adapted playground, nature trail, nurse’s station, and administrative offices.  All students are served by classroom teachers as well as by instructors in the areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, Daily Living, Library, and Environmental Science.  The staff also includes para-professionals, nurses, and therapists (occupational, physical, and speech).