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Seagull Grill

Students in Mrs. Nardia Lloyd's class spent their week preparing to serve lunch to the faculty and staff of the Washington Center.  Students work on identifying the location of items, pricing, and money exchange while on outings in the community to purchase the menu items. See More

Employee of the Week

Congratulations to Nurse Balinda Renault, our Employee of the Week for December 5-December 11! Nurse Balinda is one of the wonderful nurses here at Washington Center. Way to go Nurse Balinda! See More

School Messenger

We are beginning to look like Christmas around here with decorated trees courtesy of Valerie Allen, Kristi Kingren and Angie Jenkins and lots of other decorations in classrooms, on doors, and up here in the office area. Thanks to everyone who has helped get us into the spirit of the holidays. See More

Time Out in the Community

The students in Mrs. Virginia Cook’s class have been working hard on the new school wide activity, “Time Out in the Community”! This activity pairs up each class with a Southeastern Conference women’s basketball team, along with a specific player. Mrs. Virginia’s class is paired up with a player who plays basketball for Vanderbilt University. See More

Gingerbread Man

For the youngest students at Washington Center at Hollis in Sharon Russo's class, the Christmas season is filled with fun, learning activities.  The children will return from Thanksgiving to a week of gingerbread man fun! See More

Nature Trail

Nature Trail Rendering

Bowling at Washington Center

Each year classes at Washington Center choose bowling as a community based experience, and sometimes there are those who wonder about the value of bowling for our students. As a former Job Coach/Employment Specialist, I researched community based programs and activities, looking for opportunities to facilitate transitioning for students. See More

Clemson Tigers

Avid Tiger Fan, Matthew Hudson was chosen as the Grand Marshall to lead the Clemson Band into the stadium for Saturday’s game.  He escorted the band into the stadium and was recognized on the field during the pre-game show. See More

Veteran's Day

Ms. Rebecca Williams’ Washington Center class participated in the Veterans Day Ceremony at Greenville County Square.  The classmates greeted the veterans with special Thank You cards created by all of the Washington Centerstudents. See More

Cherrydale Farms

Don't forget you can still order from Cherrydale Farms online until May 30, 2017. All you have to do is go to the Cherrydale Farms website!

About Us

Washington Center is a separate school facility for students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.  Students are served on two specifically designed campuses.  The younger children occupy a wing of Hollis Academy, renovated in 2011, with a capacity for 6 fully equipped classrooms.  Older students attend the Betty Spencer Drive location, built in 2005, where there are 18 classrooms, as well as kitchens, greenhouse, gym, and media center.  Additionally, at both locations there are therapy rooms, nurses' stations, administrative offices, multisensory suites and adapted playgrounds.

All students are served by classroom teachers as well as by instructors in the areas of Art, Music, PE, Daily Living, and Environmental Science.  The staff also includes para-professionals, nurses, and therapists (occupational, physical, and speech).

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