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The mission of the Alternative Programs of the School District of Greenville County is to provide short-term intervention programs that offer a structured learning environment designed to address the academic and social needs of at-risk students. 

Programs currently in place include the Middle School Alternative Programs, located at the Bonds and Donaldson Career Centers and the West Greenville School.  The High School Alternative Program is located at the Sullivan Center.  All of the facilities have been recently renovated and are technology equipped. 

Alternative Program Goals:

  • Enable students to integrate successfully into their regular school setting.
  • Assist students in developing self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility for their own actions.
  • Assist students in improving academic skills.
  • Provide students with a safe and nurturing environment for learning.
  • Provide a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of students with differing abilities.
  • Encourage students in developing a more positive self-concept.
  • Assist students in identifying barriers that inhibit their educational and social development.


Students assigned to the Alternative Program must attend a minimum of thirty (30) days unless stated differently by the hearing officer.  Students are returned to the traditional academic setting once they have successfully completed three levels which include success in the following areas:

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Blue Print for Living

For additional information regarding  Alternative Programs visit the Alternative School Website.


Kathie Greer, Director of Alternative Programs
(O) 355-5183 FAX 355-9544

Bessie “Libby” Sullivan, Secretary
(O) 355-5180 FAX 355-5185