Group home centers offer a unique hybrid virtual education environment. The students are instructed via virtual classes, with frequent in person visits from the virtual teachers. This model allows for over two hundred students to receive quality education while staying in a residential placement.

Each location provides a special education teacher and instructional aides on site to assist students in real time. The virtual teachers, who are stationed out of MT Anderson Support Center, visit each facility frequently to instruct students individually and in small groups.

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Group Home Centers

  • Generations - Adolescent male sexual abuse rehabilitation facility.
  • Pathways PRTF - Adolescent male sexual behavior and psychiatric services facility.
  • Venice - Adolescent girls psychiatric residential treatment facility.
  • White Horse Academy - Adolescent male treatment facility for substance abuse.
  • Crossroads - Treatment facility for female sexual, physical and emotional abuse victims.
  • Excalibur - Adolescent male intensive services for behavior management.
  • Avalonia - Adolescent male intensive services for behavior management.
  • Marshall I. Pickens Children's Hospital - Psychiatric residential treatment facility for young boys and girls.
  • Greenville County Detention Center / Adolescent Unit - A short term placement for incarcerated adolescent males and females.