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New Director

To the Parents of the West Greenville School:

My name is Dr. Tim Scipio and I am delighted to be the new Director of the West Greenville School.  Previously, I served as the Director of Brookwood Academy which is the same type program located in Spartanburg County. We served students that have similar school and life experiences as the students of the West Greenville School. I thoroughly enjoyed serving the students and parents of Brookwood Academy. Therefore, it is my desire to build strong connections with my West Greenville parents/guardians and especially with my students. I look forward to working together with you this year and I will strive to help us all stay close and finish the 2024-2025 school year strong. Please be on the lookout for a telephone call from me personally introducing myself to you. In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of your summer.


Timothy Scipio, Ph.D.
Director of the West Greenville School

Dr. Tim Scipio
Dr. Tim Scipio