Posted: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Ten outstanding GCS employees have been selected for recognition in the Employee Spotlight Program. The Employee Spotlight Program honors staff members who have made significant workplace contributions or accomplishments at Greenville County Schools. Recipients were nominated by fellow GCS employees, who provided information about the employee and his or her work ethic. Each honoree will receive an award and a breakfast celebration for the recipient and his or her entire school, center or department. This program is sponsored by Greenville Federal Credit Union.

Amy Amidon - Academic Specialist - Academics Department

Amy AmidonAmy Amidon, an Academic Specialist who focuses on middle school level math, exemplifies attentive leadership by actively listening to feedback. Amy's ability to implement curriculum changes based on this feedback has significantly benefited both educators and students. What sets Amy apart is her unwavering commitment to improvement. She goes above and beyond, not adhering to outdated practices, but striving for what benefits teachers and students the most. According to her colleagues, through Amy’s efforts, communication channels have improved, curriculum has been clarified and additional support both inside and outside the classroom has become readily available. Amy's caring nature shines through in her genuine intentions to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students.

Kristie Argo - FANS Manager - Northwest Middle

Kristie ArgoKristie Argo, the dedicated FANS Manager at Northwest Middle, embodies leadership that transcends ordinary job duties, fostering relationships with students, staff and administration. Kristie's commitment is evident in her proactive approach, always volunteering to assist in any way possible. Under Kristie's guidance, the FANS team exemplifies outstanding teamwork. They extend their support beyond the cafeteria, cheering on students at D Team football games and participating in events like Trunk-or-Treat. These gestures of kindness resonate deeply with the middle school students, creating a positive and caring atmosphere.

Andrea Bowles - Clerk - Ellen Woodside Elementary

Andrea BowlesAndrea Bowles, the Attendance Clerk at Ellen Woodside Elementary, has unwavering dedication to the importance of school attendance. Andrea goes beyond her role by fostering relationships with students and families, ensuring they understand the significance of attendance. She warmly greets tardy students, setting a positive tone for their day. Andrea’s efforts shine during Attendance Awareness Month. She orchestrates engaging events, securing community sponsorships to incentivize attendance. The front office at Ellen Woodside is elevated by her contagious enthusiasm and warmth, making it a better place for everyone.

Kenna Brannon - Instructional Coach - Skyland Elementary

Kenna BrannonKenna Brannon, the Instructional Coach at Skyland Elementary, is an extraordinary educator. Her impact on our school is immeasurable. Kenna's dedication goes far beyond coaching. She meticulously analyzes data, enhancing student outcomes. She knows every student personally, tailoring her support to individual needs. Kenna's kindness radiates, fostering a supportive school culture. She pioneers initiatives like mentorship programs, creating a sense of belonging. The word "altruistic" describes Kenna, representing her selfless devotion to the school community. She selflessly assists staff, ensuring their success. She embodies trust, respect and dedication. Skyland wouldn't be the same without her.

Kimberly Byrd - Third Grade Teacher - Fountain Inn Elementary

Kimberly ByrdKimberly Byrd is a shining example of what it means to be an educator. Her collaborative spirit and willingness to go above and beyond make her an invaluable member of the Fountain Inn Elementary community. Kimberly's classroom is a testament to her dedication - a place of trust, confidence and kindness where students thrive. Her patience and ability to connect with every student, even in challenging situations, set her apart. She invests deeply in her students, forming friendships that last a lifetime. Through her continuous professional growth, she has transformed her classroom into a hub of learning. Kimberly's impact is not just measured in scores but in the inspired minds and hearts of her students.

Lonie Graham - Secretary - J. Harley Bonds Career Center

Lonie GrahamLonie Graham is described as the backbone of Bonds Career Center, ensuring seamless operations with unmatched integrity, efficiency and accuracy. Lonie's commitment to excellence is evident in her proactive approach, constantly seeking ways to enhance processes and support her colleagues. She not only meets district deadlines but surpasses them, earning recognition for her reliability. Beyond her work ethic, Lonie fosters a sense of camaraderie among staff, going beyond her job description to be a true friend and supporter. According to the team at Bonds, her attention to detail and unwavering dedication have elevated processes in the center, making her truly exemplary.

Steven Hasty - Coordinator of Personnel - Transportation Department

Steven HastySteven Hasty, the Coordinator of Personnel for Transportation, is a driving force for positive change. Steven's proactive attitude and constant quest for improvement uplift everyone around him. He is instrumental in implementing initiatives like the Transportation Employee of the Month program, recognizing the hard work of bus drivers. Steven's dedication shines through in his willingness to assist in various ways, even beyond his designated responsibilities. His cheerful demeanor, honesty and unwavering commitment have significantly enhanced the department's morale. "Inspiring" perfectly characterizes Steven, according to his coworkers, as he leads by example, motivating others to be their best and fostering a positive work environment with his infectious smile and ethical approach.

Michelle Michael - Director - Golden Strip Career Center

Michelle MichaelMichelle Michael is the Director at Golden Strip Career Center. Her unwavering support of new teachers has been described as transformative. Michelle's daily emotional and professional guidance, along with personalized notes and tokens of gratitude, reflect her dedication. She exemplifies professionalism, promptly responding to any communication, and maintains an unwavering composure. What sets her apart is her exceptional care. In the face of challenging situations, she goes above and beyond, providing invaluable assistance, contacting parents, and ensuring necessary resources and support are in place. Michelle's efforts have elevated the entire school, fostering a deep respect and admiration among staff. "Caring" perfectly describes her, embodying the essence of her impactful leadership.

Emily Nugent - Cosmetology Instructor - Golden Strip Career Center

Emily NugentEmily Nugent is a dedicated Cosmetology teacher at Golden Strip Career Center. As a mentor to new teachers, she exemplifies the best in the profession. Her constant encouragement, resourceful support, and genuine positivity create an inspiring learning environment. Emily's excellence reflects in her extensive waiting list. Students are drawn to her kindness and professionalism. What sets her apart is her unwavering commitment. She goes above and beyond, opening her classroom at all hours, ensuring her students have ample time to master their skills. Emily's thoughtful approach has transformed teaching methods and classroom dynamics, making her an exceptional educator.

Steve Watson - Jazz Studies Instructor - Fine Arts Center

Steve WatsonSteve Watson epitomizes dedication to his profession. For 33 years, he has shaped Greenville's music scene, transforming novices into professional jazz musicians. Steve's individualized approach empowers students to surpass their potential, evident in their performances. His tireless efforts extend beyond the classroom, forging valuable industry connections and guiding students toward their musical dreams. Even during challenges like the pandemic, Steve's unwavering commitment prevailed. He seamlessly transitioned to eLearning, ensuring students thrived. Fine Arts Center Director Vee Popat believes Greenville's vibrant jazz education owes its robustness to Steve's dedication.

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