Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Perry BrewerPerry Brewer, Plant Engineer, Fine Arts Center

Students always have a great day when they’re greeted by Perry Brewer, Plant Engineer at the Fine Arts Center. He greets everyone with joy, fist bumps, or even a little song as they unload in the morning or arrive for the after-school ARMES program. Perry Brewer’s contagious enthusiasm puts a smile on everyone’s face!  Brewer says, “I’m here to inspire, to encourage, and to make sure our next generation is succeeding. We need to teach students about good character and making good choices so they can go to the next level in college and on the job.”

Merlian MangleMerlian Mangle, Plant Engineer, Thomas E. Kerns Elementary

“The little things that make me happy are when I get to see my kids smile,” says Plant Engineer Merlian Mangle, better known as “Momma” at Thomas E. Kerns Elementary. Mangle begins her day at 7am and finishes long after students go home. Some days Mangle even goes next door to Southside High School to help custodians clean their building.

The nickname “Momma” came from Kerns Elementary teacher Celeste Avery who told Mangle that she is “someone who takes care of everybody.”  Focusing on anything that can “make the school blossom,”is how Mangle describes her role in taking care of kids, helping teachers and creating an atmosphere that will “put a smile on my kids face.”

In addition to her custodial responsibilities Mangle is co-chair to the Kerns Sunshine Committee. This is an organization involving other teachers dedicated to reaching out to students families and members of the community. Organizing events such as the upcoming soup day in December Mangle describes her part as doing what she can “just to help out and get to know each other better.”

Mangle also organizes the school’s “Secret Pal” program to bring a smile to students and teachers. Mangle describes this organization as something to simply brighten someone's day because “if they can get that little candybar or whatever it may be it can give them that lift and make them continue to push forward.” Any little thing Mangle can do to bring big smiles to the faces of those around her.

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