Posted: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Former US Deputy Secretary of Education Frank Holleman swore in one new and five returning School Board members at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

New Board member Michelle Goodwin-Calwile was sworn in to represent Area 25. Returning board members are Debi Bush (Area 19), Joy Grayson (Area 17), Glenda Morrison-Fair (Area 23), Crystal Ball O’Connor (Area 27), and Danna Rohleder (Area 21).

Debi Bush (Area 19) being sworn in Michelle Goodwin-Calwile (Area 25) being sworn in Joy Grayson (Area 17) being sworn in Glenda Morrison-Fair (Area 23) being sworn in Crystal Ball O’Connor (Area 27) being sworn in Danna Rohleder (Area 21) being sworn in

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