Posted: Monday, November 14, 2016

Photo of smoke-filled rural environment

Update: The air quality alert for the Upstate remains effect until midnight. Tuesday, principals are making decisions about recess and outdoor activities at the school level.

Smoke from North Carolina Wildfires Impacts Upstate Conditions

Greenville County Schools administrators are keeping in close contact with principals regarding air quality and its potential impact on students. 

Principals have been advised that students who are known to have asthma or breathing conditions or students who express discomfort being outside should be allowed to remain indoors. Additionally, parent requests  that their children be excused from going outside for recess should be honored.  The same standards should be applied for athletes during outdoor practices this afternoon.

Greenville County is 800 square miles and the conditions vary based on geography.  At least one school in Northern Greenville County has cancelled recess and outdoor activities today because of thick haze and poor air quality.

We will continue to monitor information from SC DHEC and the National Weather Service and keep parents and school leaders informed.

Pictures below are from Northwest Middle School. On a clear day the Blue Ridge Mountains would be visible.

Photo from Northwest Middle SchoolPhoto #2 from Northwest Middle School

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