Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hughes Middle Academy of Science and Technology has been awarded a 2015 TECHFIT grant for professional development that will enable teachers to create technology-based fitness games for students.

TECHFIT is a collaborative program between Purdue University and the College of Charleston, which applies STEM knowledge and technology skills for the purpose of building technology-based fitness games. The goal of TECHFIT is to combine the importance of technology and fitness into an experience that will energize teachers, engage students, and excite communities.

The TECHFIT program will provide teachers from Hughes Academy with summer professional development at Purdue University and an afterschool program during the school year for 6th-8th grade students. Hughes Academy was one of five schools chosen for the TECHFIT Grant in South Carolina.

The TECHFIT project demonstrates the impact information technology has on our world by inspiring the next generation of innovators to design and implement technology-based fitness games that will get people moving and having fun while simultaneously and positively improving their health. The program will:

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