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Bus Loading and Unloading

Safe School Bus Loading Procedures

  1. Be on time at the bus stop.
  2. Never run to catch the bus.
  3. Stay 6 to 8 giant steps (10 feet) away from the road while waiting for the bus.
  4. Move toward the bus only when the driver signals it is safe to do so.
  5. When crossing the road to board a bus, remain on the left side of the road until the driver motions that it is safe to cross. Check traffic. Walk straight across the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
  6. Go directly to your seat upon boarding.

Safe School Bus Unloading Procedures

  1. Stay in your seat until the driver signals it is okay to stand.
  2. Before stepping off the bottom step of the bus, look to the rear of bus to make sure no vehicle is trying to pass on the right side.
  3. Once you are off the bus, move at least 10 feet from the bus immediately. Students planning to cross the road should walk forward 10 feet toward the front side of the bus.
  4. Wait for the bus driver’s signal to cross the road.
  5. When the driver signals, walk forward and stop again in front of the bus where the driver can see you, but near enough to the road that you can see in both directions.
  6. Wait for the bus driver’s signal again.
  7. Walk, never run, across the road keeping watch on the traffic.
  8. Never walk behind the bus.
  9. Never get closer than 10 feet to any side of the bus.
  10. Never try to pick up something you have dropped on the outside of the bus. Tell the driver, so he or she can pick it up for you.
  11. Help to look after the safety of small children.
  12. After unloading from the bus, go home immediately, staying clear of traffic.