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NOTE: The information listed on this page is provided as a voluntary service to the public and vendor community. There is no statute, policy or regulation that requires that any solicitation, addenda, award, drawings, plans, specifications or other related information be provided on this or any District website at any time. Additions, deletions and/or modifications to the information contained on this page may be made at any time and it is incumbent upon interested parties to contact the Procurement Department to obtain information on current or potential solicitations as not all opportunities or related information may be posted. The District shall be held harmless for any omissions or any modified information. This page will be updated by the Procurement staff when practicable.

Copies of a solicitation document listed on this site may be accessed as follows:

The School District of Greenville County shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from or as a result of the electronic transmission of this document, acknowledgement, or other data contained herein. In the event of a receipt of an electronic document that is garbled in transmission or improperly formatted a Procurement Official must be notified immediately for issuance of a hard copy. Failure to comply with the above conditions could result in being declared non-responsive and may cause your response to not be subject to an award.

PRE-BID/PRE-PROPOSAL SIGN-IN SHEET DISCLAIMER: The pre-bid/pre-proposal sign-in sheets are provided to the public with the understanding that any person or entity that views and/or uses the information shall save and hold harmless The School District of Greenville County, its personnel, the Board of Trustees and all District related entities and representatives from any liability due to any loss, harm, damage, injury, misunderstanding and/or loss of business as a result of viewing and using/not using the information. Pre-bid/pre-proposal sign-in sheets may be contained within an addendum or in some cases posted as a separate document. The District shall not search an addendum or posting for information on behalf of any entity. Pre-bid/pre-proposal sign-in sheets are not employed for every solicitation. The District does not guarantee or imply that the list is complete or that all attendees or potential bidders/proposers have signed the form or will participate in the complete solicitation process. The District shall not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or the "responsibility" of any entity listed. The District shall not confirm or imply that any entity listed is properly licensed to perform any work. The District does not endorse or have a preference for any entity listed. It is incumbent upon private entities to confirm the accuracy of the information and at no time shall the District alter, correct, add or delete the information or clarify/seek further information with regard to the contents of the information on behalf of any entity.