Non-Traditional School Programs Overview

GCS Virtual Schools

Greenville County Schools Virtual Program

In the fall of 2020, GCS added a new full-time virtual option for students in grades 5K-12. Students must be enrolled in a GCS school in order to participate. In this program, students interact with certified GCS teachers daily during live Google Meet Sessions and receive timely teacher feedback in response to class or homework. Teachers experienced in online platforms and virtual instruction will teach and engage students through live and recorded lessons and tutorials.

Greenville County Schools Virtual Program

Additional High School Credit Courses

Additional high school credit courses are taught online, offering increased flexibility for students in rising 7th through 12th grades, through Greenville County Schools’ adjunct virtual program- GCVSP. This option is available to 7th through 12th grade students in fall, spring or summer terms who are either brick and mortar students or fully virtual students. A student may register to take one or two online courses in GCVSP’s high school virtual program to resolve a scheduling conflict, to take additional courses to get ahead, to make up lost credit due to transfer from one school to another, or to repeat a course failed. South Carolina’s state-sponsored virtual program, VIRTUALSC, an additional option for students in grades 9th through 12th grades, offers online courses in collaboration with local school districts. For Greenville County Schools students, registration in either program (GCVSP or VIRTUALSC) is through the student’s school counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled.

Additional High School Credit Courses

Greenville Early College Program

The Greenville Early College Program serves approximately 200 6th-12th graders in a personalized learning environment that provides the skills and tools to assist them toward becoming the first in their families to attend college. Greenville Early College is a partnership between Greenville County Schools, Clemson University, Furman University, University Center, and USC Upstate.

The Greenville Early College Program has received significant support and investment from partners including Michelin North America,
The Community Foundation of Greenville, The Hollingsworth Foundation, the Jolley Foundation, the Symmes Foundation, and United

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Group Homes & Residential Treatment Facilities Program

The Group Homes and Residential Treatment Facilities (RTF) program provides educational services to students who reside in state regulated group homes, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and detention centers. The program provides a curriculum based on South Carolina Standards with innovative instructional delivery models
which include blended virtual and traditional classroom approaches.

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Home School

Parents/guardians may choose to home school their children instead of enrolling them in a public, private, or parochial school. South Carolina statutes provide parents/guardians with three different options. Option One allows parents to home school their children under the auspices of the school district, if approved by the Board of Trustees. You must complete an application and provide a copy of your high school diploma or GED to the Home School Office. Applications are available at the Home School Webpage.

Through Option Two, parents may home school their children  with the support of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.

Through Option Three, parents may choose a home school association which has no fewer than fifty members and meets the home school requirements. 

Parents/guardians may select the particular home school option that is best for their children

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Lifelong Learning Program

The Lifelong Learning Program (Adult Education) provides academic and pre-employment education and training opportunities for students 17 years of age and older who wish to continue their basic education or improve work-related skills. General Education Diploma (GED), High School Units, English as a Second Language, and WIN Employment Certification classes are offered.

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Satellite Diploma Program

The Satellite Diploma Program, housed at the district’s four career centers, is an adult education program which serves students who are 17 or older and have few credits toward graduation. Students and parents interested in the program should contact their school principal or guidance counselor for more information

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