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Dr. Royster’s Interhigh Council is asking all schools to celebrate Together Again Week from February 28-March 4. Interhigh Council chose these topics because they believe they are critical in today’s educational landscape. Each school has received posters to promote the week’s events. Schools are asked to use the Together Again theme all week along with daily topics, and are encouraged to integrate activities deemed appropriate at their school.

Together Again Week February 28-March 4. Monday, February 28 - Let's Talk. Focus on Mental Health Awareness. Tuesday, March 1 - See something say something. Focus on School Safety. Wednesday, March 2 - Be Kind. Words don't rewind. Focus on kindness and anti-bullying. Thursday, March 3 - Make your mark. Focus on making school and community better than when you arrived. Friday, March 4 - We're better! Focus on involvement of all in-school activities, school spirit and more!