Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Ten outstanding GCS employees have been selected for recognition in the Employee Spotlight Program. The Employee Spotlight Program honors staff members who have made significant workplace contributions or accomplishments at Greenville County Schools. Recipients were nominated by fellow GCS employees, who provided information about the employee and his or her work ethic. Each honoree will receive an award and a breakfast celebration for the recipient and his or her entire school, center or department. This program is sponsored by Greenville Federal Credit Union.

Kimberly Burns - Transportation Secretary - Transportation Department

Kimberly BurnsKimberly Burns, the Transportation Secretary at Greenville County Schools, has shown exceptional dedication and creativity in tackling the bus driver shortage, according to her supervisor and peers. They say Kimberly's innovative approach, particularly her regular information sessions, has not only attracted a significant increase in applicants but also streamlined the onboarding process, contributing to a reduction of driver shortages by a third. Beyond her primary role, she has facilitated transportation for school sports teams, ensuring timely arrivals to events. Her supervisor says Kimberly's determination and proactive efforts have significantly improved operations, making her a standout member of the GCS team.

Alison Conner - Secretary - Hughes Academy

Allison ConnerAlison Conner’s peers say she seamlessly manages the Hughes Academy main office with a blend of efficiency and compassion. She has become indispensable, preparing for substitutes, assisting students with everything from uniforms to moral guidance, and even overcoming language barriers with innovative tools like the Pocketalk translator. Her leadership of the Good News Cards program has notably strengthened the connection between teachers and families. They say Alison's welcoming presence is the cornerstone of a nurturing school environment.

Lydia Hammond - 3K Special Education Teacher - Mitchell Road Elementary

Lydia HammondLydia Hammond, a 3K special education teacher at Mitchell Road Elementary, stands out for her exceptional approach to teaching with love and compassion, according to her peers. They say in just two years at GCS, Lydia has transformed her classroom into a sanctuary where students can eagerly engage in play-based activities designed to foster self-regulation, self-advocacy and friendship. Her innovative use of visuals, a sensory room, and designated self-regulation spaces exemplifies her commitment to creating a nurturing learning environment. Described as 'peaceful,' Lydia's influence has significantly enhanced the special education program.

Ivan Jefferson - Special Education Teacher - Wade Hampton High School

Ivan JeffersonIvan Jefferson, a special education teacher at Wade Hampton High School, has dedicated more than 35 years to GCS. His peers say he epitomizes selflessness in every aspect of his work. He steps in without hesitation, such as when he covered for a colleague’s class during their absence, and genuinely celebrates the accomplishments of others. They say Ivan's profound commitment to his students' real-world readiness, through practical lessons and emotional support, sets a high standard. His efforts in fostering connections between students with disabilities and the rest of the student body, notably through the Special Olympics, have cultivated a more inclusive school environment.

Sam Jones - Senior Employee Relations Coordinator - Human Resources

Sam JonesSam Jones, serving as the district’s Senior Employee Relations Coordinator, has proven to be a cornerstone of understanding and compassion within the Human Resources department, according to her peers. They say her ability to navigate complex situations with empathy and clarity has made a significant impact on employees' lives, as evidenced by her adept handling of sensitive situations. By taking the time to listen to employees and explain policies and procedures, Sam not only alleviates concerns but also empowers employees with the knowledge of how to handle future situations.

Andrew Little - Vehicle Master Foreman - Transportation Department

Andrew LittleAndrew Little, the Vehicle Master Foreman for the district, has brought about a remarkable improvement in both the efficiency of operations and the morale within the transportation department during his 12-year tenure, according to his supervisor. His leadership has fostered a culture of collaboration and respect, while motivating teams into a cohesive, motivated unit. By accommodating employees' needs, Andrew exemplifies going above and beyond in his role. His efforts have not only boosted morale but have also established him as a true leader.

Erin McCauley - Assistant Principal - Brushy Creek Elementary

Erin McCauleyErin McCauley, Assistant Principal at Brushy Creek Elementary School, stands out for her 22 years of servant leadership and unwavering dedication to the educational community, according to her peers. They say she embodies excellence, often stepping into various roles from teaching to serving lunches, and making a point to know and value every student by name. This personal approach fosters a sense of belonging and positively impacts the school culture. Additionally, Erin organizes programs like RunHard and Girls on the Run, extending her influence beyond the classroom, promoting teamwork and perseverance. Her practice of writing personalized notes to staff further underscores her commitment to creating a supportive environment.

Paige O'Shields - Special Education Paraprofessional - Plain Elementary

Paige O'ShieldsPaige O'Shields, a special education paraprofessional at Plain Elementary School, stands out to her peers for her unparalleled commitment and hardworking nature. They say Paige's ability to anticipate and fulfill classroom needs, coupled with her exceptional support in both academic and behavioral interventions, makes her an indispensable asset. Described as both impactful and hardworking, Paige has a unique talent for creating a safe and respectful environment that enables students to thrive. Colleagues share her readiness to go above and beyond, from early morning preparations to unwavering dedication even during summer days has a profoundly positive influence on the school community.

Abby Roe - Second Grade Teacher - Monaview Elementary

Abby RoeAbby Roe, a second grade teacher at Monaview Elementary, has created a remarkable learning environment characterized by calm, peace and kindness, reflecting her own approach to teaching, according to her peers. They say Abby’s dedication to her students' emotional well-being stands out. Beyond her classroom, Abby extends her care to the school community, recognizing colleagues' achievements and supporting them through challenges. Her efforts contribute significantly to a positive atmosphere, uplifting both students and staff.

Kayla Williams - Physical Education Teacher - Rudolph Gordon School

Kayla WilliamsKayla Williams, a member of the Physical Education Department at Rudolph Gordon School, exemplifies innovation in her approach to physical education, according to her peers. They say Kayla has notably enhanced the PE experience for middle school students with disabilities by tailoring activities and fostering an inclusive environment for all students. Her leadership extends beyond the classroom, as seen in her initiative to organize a glow dance for students with disabilities and collaborate on a sensory-friendly field trip. Kayla's commitment to creating opportunities for all students to participate and thrive, coupled with her positive impact on school morale and the PE curriculum, earns her the description of 'innovative.’

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