Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The first Greenville County Schools Executive Leader Institute cohort is underway. The new initiative is an effort to advance the skills of aspiring and current district leaders and will focus on optimizing practices to guide and support schools aimed at academic excellence and student well-being.

It features a rigorous curriculum to challenge educational leaders. Members of the cohort will further collaborative and interpersonal leadership skills and implement individual development plans, learn from colleagues, senior-level leaders and executive leaders from other districts, improve services to schools through job-embedded projects, collectively manage and resolve authentic challenges, practice facilitation and communication skills, and coach and be coached to further their leadership strengths.

The group will meet monthly through November.

Executive Leader Institute Cohort

  • Dale Allred
  • Anna Brink
  • Tara Dean
  • Randy Dendy
  • Joseph Foster
  • Beverly Holt-Pilkey
  • Darah Huffman
  • Treva Lee
  • Charlotte McDavid
  • Chris Ross
  • Kelly Sanderson
  • Susan Stevens
  • Maureen Tiller
  • Jason Warren
  • Eric Williams
  • Amanda Young

Members of the Executive Leader Institute Cohort

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