Posted: Monday, September 18, 2023

75.3% of GCS students who took WIN’s South Carolina Career Ready Test in spring 2023 earned a credential, outperforming the state at 71.6%.

57.2% of GCS students taking the assessment also received a career-ready designation at Level 3, 4 or 5, again outperforming the state at 52.2%

The South Carolina Career Ready Test provided by WIN (Worldwide Interactive Network) is a career readiness assessment designed to measure essential workforce skills. The assessment contains four parts: Math Assessment, Data Assessment, Reading Assessment, and Soft Skill Assessment.

Students in grade 11 (or third year of high school) take the assessment, and students in grade 12 who did not take the assessment or receive a career-ready designation the year prior can take the assessment.

This is one of five ways that students in South Carolina can demonstrate career-readiness.

South Carolina Career Readiness Credentials Among GCS Students:

  1. Level 2: 18.0% (score of level 2 or higher on all exams)
  2. Level 3: 18.0% (score of level 3 or higher on all exams)
  3. Level 4: 37.5% (score of level 4 or higher on all exams)
  4. Level 5: 1.7% (score of level 5 or higher on all exams)

“We are proud of the students who received this credential and showed they are ready to enter our workforce,” said GCS Superintendent Dr. Burke Royster. “This is one of the ways our students demonstrate they are ready for their next steps in life, and it is more critical than ever that students graduate with a diploma plus industry certifications, college credit or both.”

WIN’s South Carolina Work Ready Assessment aligns to the knowledge, skills, and attributes of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate and the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards. In addition, the assessment is endorsed by the National Work Readiness Council, founded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2003.  

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GCS Students Earn Career Ready Credentials

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