Posted: Friday, February 22, 2019

During a school wide Black History Celebration A.J. Whittenberg Elementary presented two inaugural awards in honor of their namesake Abraham J. Whittenberg.  Whittenberg was a civil rights activist who successfully sued the School District of Greenville County in 1963 after his requests for black students to attend all-white schools were denied. As a result his daughter Elaine began attending Greenville Junior High (an all-white school) in 1964. Elaine Whittenberg-Boyce attended the celebration and helped to unveil the portrait.

A.J. Whittenberg Elementary also the “AJW Community Spirit Award” to Lillian Brock-Flemming and the “AJW Living Legacy” award to Mary Duckett. Duckett leads the Southernside Neighborhood Association and rallied to have an elementary school built in her downtown Greenville Community. During construction Duckett was invited to put some finishing touches on the robot on the school playground. She says she placed the eyes inside the robot. She told the children, “whenever you are on the playground I’ve got my eyes on you.”

Mary Duckett, AJW Living Legacy Recipient
Elaine Whittenberg-Boyce, poses with portrait of her father A.J. Whittenberg
AJW Principal Dr. Susan Stevens and Elaine Whittenberg-Boyce. Dr. Stevens painted the portrait of Whittenberg.
Portrait of A.J. Whittenberg

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