Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Update: 11/15/2018

All Greenville County Schools will run on a normal schedule today, November 15.

Due to heavy rain, moderate wind, and poor visibility, bus riders should expect delays.

All car drivers (employees, parents and students) are reminded to use extreme caution and re-route around flooded areas if necessary. 

Greenville County Schools Inclement Conditions Evaluation (ICE) team is monitoring two separate weather advisories that could impact school schedules on Thursday and Friday.  We encourage all employees and parents to check local media or the GCS website and social media platforms before leaving for school the remainder of the week. We do not use our school messenger call system to notify families about schedule decisions made late at night or early in the morning. Morning decisions are made prior to 5am when our buses begin their routes.

Flash Flood Watch:  Noon Today – 7 p.m. Thursday

We will continue to monitor rainfall today and tomorrow in Greenville County.  We will make adjustments to bus routes that travel through low lying areas to ensure student safety.  The family of any student whose evening delivery or morning pickup is impacted by re-routing will be contacted individually by the GCS Transportation Center.  We encourage all parents and employees to exercise extreme caution and to remind young drivers to turn around if faced with water covering the road.  There is also a potential for heavy fog in the early morning hours tomorrow and Friday.

Winter Weather Advisory:  7 p.m. tonight – 1 p.m. Thursday

The northern part of Greenville County and its higher elevations are under a Winter Weather Advisory this evening and tomorrow morning.  To be cautious, GCS is canceling all field trips headed north or northwest into the Winter Weather Warning areas tomorrow. Communication about specific field trip cancellation will occur between schools and parents. A decision about Friday field trips will be made on Thursday. Right now, the forecast calls for temperatures to remain at or above freezing throughout the night, but a slight potential exists for the formation of ice on some roads and bridges.  Members of the ICE team will be on the road at 4am Thursday to evaluate conditions

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