Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Greenville County Schools Magnet Academies are inspiring, supporting and preparing students for their next opportunities in life, education and employment. We have eleven Magnet Academies with a unique theme or focus that connect students to engaging classes and meaningful experiences.

Magnet academies attract students who want to explore a special interest, gift, talent or skill.  Apply to your schools of choice between November 1st and December 4th.

Apply to a Magnet Academy

Admission to magnet academies is open to all students but space is limited.  Applications are scored based on attendance, discipline, grade point average and a student statement on why they would like to attend. 

Language immersion is offered in elementary school at Blythe Academy in French and Spanish.  It continues at Greenville Middle Academy in French and Hughes Academy in Spanish. Students study math, science and social studies in their language of choice to improve fluency.

Mathematics and Science is the magnet at East North Street Academy, with an environmental focus students utilize outdoor classrooms, hands on laboratories and real world experiences with the help of committed business partners. JL Mann High School Academy of Math, Science and Technology offers advanced placement programs, NewTech and college credit courses in Engineering. Students are encouraged to collaborate and problem solve.

Arts integrated classes, enriched by individual instruction in music, drama and dance attract students to Stone Academy Elementary and League Academy Middle School of Communication Arts.  League blends technology and the arts to enrich learning. Clubs and after school companies build dance ensembles, stage plays and video production.

A global flair and international focus are emphasized at Beck Academy where students from dozens of countries master the required subjects and second language proficiency. Southside High School offers an International Baccalaureate diploma program that provides students with college credits and acceptance to colleges and universities worldwide. 

Greenville Senior High Academy of Law, Finance and Business offers college courses and dual credit in business and leadership while operating a student run credit union inside the cafeteria.

Carolina High School and Academy is home to a Health Sciences Career Center and is partnered with the Greenville Health System. Students interested in health professions take honors courses and can earn an Associate’s Degree through Greenville Tech while travelling to hospital locations and learning about medical careers.

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