Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Freshman Rush at Berea High School - Photo 1About 200 students from Berea, Lakeview, and League middle schools received a warm welcome at Berea High during Freshman Rush, a program designed to give eighth graders a look inside high school. “We bring them in through the athletic hallway through a human tunnel. The band is playing and the cheerleaders are cheering and the student council members are cheering. We do student performances from the JROTC and theater department. They really like seeing the extracurricular opportunities,” said Allison Peake, Freshman Academy Coordinator.

Freshman Rush at Berea High School - Photo 2“We believe that by showing them classes, giving a walking tour, and introducing them to current student leaders, coupled with dynamic presentations and speakers, we can showcase our school much better and truly get them excited to be a Bulldog,” she said. “They visit two core and two elective classrooms. Our students take them on a tour of the school and answer their questions. They get a true representation of what a high school classroom looks like.” Peake added that Berea High School is the only district high school that gives incoming freshman spring orientation onsite.

Freshman Rush at Berea High School - Photo 3Tenth grader Zion served as a tour guide. “I went through this program in eighth grade so I know what it feels like. My job today is to give them a tour so they have a better feel for high school and how to navigate the hallways.”

Courtney Stinnett, Lakeview Middle Mental Health Specialist, brought a group of about 100 eighth graders to Freshman Rush. “It gives them peace of mind about transitioning into high school. They find out what it’s going to be like and they get a glimpse of the journey into high school.”

Freshman Rush at Berea High School - Photo 4Brianna from Lakeview Middle was excited to learn that they have more art classes than she expected. “I definitely want to be part of drama and art when I get here,” she said.

Tyler, who attends Berea Middle, described the experience as ‘awesome.’ “It is fun to go into the classrooms and find out what we’re going to do when we get here. The most exciting thing I found out is that I will be able to take French!” he said. Tyler hopes to become a doctor or underwater welder after high school.

Freshman Rush at Berea High School - Photo 5Freshman Success is a required course at Berea High. “The strength of our Freshman Success program is it encourages students to think about what they want to do after high school. It’s personalized and it’s been very successful for our students,” said Peake.

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