Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017

***All buses will be on a 30 minute delay due to the delay in elementary dismissal

***All afternoon and evening athletic events have been cancelled.

Current weather forecasts indicate the potential for severe weather FROM 12:00 NOON UNTIL LATE AFTERNOON in Upstate South Carolina today. The weather patterns could produce scattered cells that could create localized areas of severe weather while surrounding areas could have far less severe weather.

Greenville County Schools operations staff members are monitoring this weather system minute by minute. We will keep principals and the community advised of any additional circumstances as the front approaches our area. Additionally, we are in contact with Greenville County Emergency Preparedness staff.

There is a weather radio in every school office. As an added precaution, last week emergency radios were given to every Extended Day Program that does not headquarter in a school office.

All buses have emergency radios and the bus center can instantly contact all drivers. Bus protocols were updated in the fall and additional direction given to bus drivers. In the case of a hail storm or severe rain buses should shelter in place. In the case of a Tornado Warning, buses should seek shelter immediately at a nearby school, fire or police department, large retailer or a smaller building that is open to the public. (i.e. convenience stores, libraries)

Below are procedures that were sent as a reminder to principals this morning.

  1. If a Tornado Warning is issued on the weather alert radio or across the district’s emergency radio, all students and school personnel should move immediately to the designated tornado safe locations and remain in these locations until the warning is lifted.
  2. Shelter will be offered to everyone on campus including parents waiting in cars.
  3. Students are not to be dismissed during a Tornado Warning and they should remain in a tornado safe area.
  4. As principal, should you believe the conditions at your location to be such that the safety of those on campus is in question, you should take the steps you consider appropriate, even in the absence of an official warning, watch or alert.

We will keep you updated if conditions change/worsen and decide to pursue additional measures.

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