Posted: Monday, October 10, 2016

Come Inside to Find Out Which Magnet Attracts Your Child to School

Greenville County Schools magnet academies of accelerated learning offer unique educational choices to meet the individual needs of students.

The academic program of each magnet academy offers a theme or focus that is designed to give students an opportunity to explore a special interest, gift, talent or skill. These schools attract top students and talented teachers who bring innovative ideas to the classroom. Teachers are chosen based on their academic preparation, professional experience, and specialized skills.

October 2016 Magnet Open House Events

Thursday, October 20

Monday, October 24

Tuesday, October 25

Thursday, October 27

Admission into magnet academies is open to all eligible students, but spaces are limited. Students may apply to more than one magnet academy. Applications are scored based on four criteria: attendance, discipline, grade average (student interview in Grades K-5, 1, 2), and a student statement indicating why the student would like to attend the magnet academy. Students who apply and qualify during the first application period have a greater chance of being offered a slot than those students who apply and qualify in later rounds.

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