Posted: Friday, August 26, 2016

Photo 1 of Felissa Latimore, East North Street Crossing GuardIf you’ve driven down East North Street on a weekday morning, you’ve probably waved or honked at Felissa Latimore, the school crossing guard whose post is in front of Overbrook Baptist Church. Mrs. Latimore makes it part of her daily routine to wave to every driver and wish them a blessed day.

“Sometimes I get out here, waving and speaking, and I feel a breath of fresh air from God above,” she said. “I know I have to keep focused and keep my eyes on the children, but I want to let the drivers know how much I appreciate them, too.”

Photo 2 of Felissa Latimore, East North Street Crossing GuardMrs. Latimore has served as the crossing guard for East North Street Academy for the past six years, and has protected hundreds of children as they begin and end their school days. “It’s awesome to know that the parents have respect for you and trust you with their child to get safely to and from school,” she said. “I also have parents that come by that don’t have children but they’re going to work. They appreciate me being out here. They say it makes their day.”

Photo 3 of Felissa Latimore, East North Street Crossing GuardPrincipal Dawn Hooker said the school community loves Mrs. Latimore. “It is her attitude and willingness to go above and beyond her regular duties that sets her above the rest,” explained Hooker. “She knows our students and families by name. Mrs. Latimore clearly loves her job and demonstrates this love through her efforts each morning and afternoon!”

Photo 4 of Felissa Latimore, East North Street Crossing Guard

A few years ago, Mrs. Latimore was rushed to the hospital with an enlarged heart. While she was hospitalized, she said, “I didn’t know how much love was out here. It really opened my eyes to know God had a plan and purpose for me. People told me that the drivers were pulling over to ask about me. That really touched my heart.”

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