Greenville County Schools Counselors

The GCS school counseling program focuses on helping all students, K-12, apply academic achievement strategies, manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills, and plan for postsecondary options, including higher education, military, or the workforce.

School counselors are responsible for:

At the elementary level, the school counseling program promotes successful student achievement by building decision-making skills, developing interpersonal skills, and broadening awareness and exploration of future educational and career possibilities.

At the middle school level, the school counseling program provides career planning and assessment tools to help students identify strengths, goals, skills, knowledge, and interests in possible career areas. Counselors assist students in developing Individual Graduation Plans with their parent/guardian.

By the time students reach high school, they have mapped out an IGP that reflects their educational and career objectives as well as the courses they will need to graduate.  The IGP is updated annually as students more clearly identify post-graduation and career goals. Continued attention is given to assisting students to develop competence in decision-making, career planning, working with others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior. High school counselors work with students and parents on discovering post-secondary and financial aid options.


Elizabeth House
Director, School Counseling Services and Sirrine Scholarship
301 E. Camperdown Way
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 355-3391
Fax: (864) 355-9254

Jen Knox
School Counseling Services Support, Sirrine Scholarship Evaluation & Professional Development
301 E. Camperdown Way
Greenville, SC  29601
Phone: (864) 355-1090
Fax: (864) 355-9255

Meagan Scott
Transcript Specialist, Homeschool/Homebound Coordinator
301 E. Camperdown Way
Greenville, SC  29601
Phone: (864) 355-3188
Fax: (864) 355-9237