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The Warehouse supports the instructional and operational needs of the district through the warehousing and transportation of supplies and equipment, the moving of schools and departments, and by providing courier services between District schools and locations.


Operational and instructional supplies are purchased in bulk, received, and stocked to the warehouse for cost savings purposes. New furniture is also ordered and stocked to the warehouse. Schools and locations can order needed items through the ‘Lawson’ System. Once orders have been placed, the warehouse staff will pick the items and deliver to the locations. On most occasions, orders are delivered on non-courier days (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday). During peak demand, orders will also ship on regular courier days (Tuesday and Friday) as well.

Surplus Equipment

Throughout the year, the warehouse picks up surplus furniture and equipment from the schools and locations. To submit a request to have surplus items picked up, a work order must be submitted via the ‘School Dude’ link or an e-mail must be sent to the Warehouse Foreman. The Warehouse will keep all surplus items in good condition so that these can be made available for other schools and locations in the future. District employees can make an appointment to come by the Warehouse and look at/secure surplus furniture and/or equipment for their school. Once items have been reserved, it will be delivered by the Warehouse staff.

Courier Service

Courier Service goes to all administrative locations ;daily. During the school year, Courier Service goes to all locations on Tuesday and Friday of each week. In the summer time, Courier Service goes once a week on Thursday to all locations.

Moving Service

The Warehouse staff is also responsible for moving administrative offices, personnel, and reassigned and/or transferred teachers to other locations.

The Warehouse also has folding tables and chairs stored at warehouse that can be delivered and used for award ceremonies, science fairs, fall festivals, dedications, and other functions.

This equipment must be reserved in advance by contacting the warehouse foreman.


The warehouse also serves as the ‘command center’ for the necessary routine and technical support services needed to assist the district schools with their textbook and instructional material requirements. The onsite Textbook Specialist serves as a liaison between all textbook managers and the State Department of Education (SDE) to ensure accurate inventory is maintained on all District textbooks and related instructional materials.

Other Functions

  • Delivery and pick-up of tests for schools
  • Washing and drying of mop heads for schools
  • Picking up donated items (i.e.-Pianos)
  • E-waste removal
  • Delivery of benefit packages
  • Pick-up and delivery of maintenance and yard machines for repair
  • Store and maintain old financial records
  • Print, warehouse and deliver all forms not on info web (coordinated with Enoree Print Shop)
  • Science Materials Center
  • District Administrative Mail


Any surplus equipment that is not needed or usable by the District is sold at auction. These auctions are advertised by the purchasing department, and are conducted periodically.

Click here to view surplus items

Warehouse Handbook - Employee Access Only

Public Auction Items

*Greenville County Schools does not have property that qualifies under SC proviso 1.113.

Pallets loaded with supplies Pallets loaded with items boxes stacked on pallets boxes stacked on pallets and shrinkwrapped Warehouse items stacked on shelves Warehouse shelves with organized items warehouse shelves with books Warehouse mail room Warehouse shelves with smaller items

Contact Us

Debra Duck, Warehouse Foreman
(864) 355-1292

Tommy Howard, Inventory Control
(864) 355-1293

Chris Young, Ordering/Receiving
(864) 355-1294

Todd Holliday, Logistics Coordinator
(864) 355-3008

Ashley Howard, Textbook Specialist
(864) 355-8278

Mary Davis, District Mail Room
(864) 355-3175