On  the first and third Friday of each month, Michelin volunteers sponsor Girls Loving Science and Challenge Math Clubs for fourth and fifth grade students. On the second and fourth Friday of each month, students in grades 1-5 participate in one of the clubs listed below, based on the choices they were able to make on our club survey that went home at the beginning of the year. All clubs take place during school hours, from 1:30 to 2:15 on Friday. All of the clubs tie real world experiences to math and science in each session through fun, engaging activities planned by our amazing teachers. Here's what we are offering this year: 

Girls Loving Science (Michelin)

Challenge Math (Michelin)

Electronic Keyboarding

Mystery Science Club

Mystery Math Club

ENSA Players Drama Club

Art Club

Keeping Math Real


Running Club

Horticulture Club

Animal Care Club

Science and Math in Food

Math in Sports

Puzzlers Club

Coding Club

Robotics Club

Lego Builders

Cooking Club

Math Games

Nature Walkers

S.T.E.M Superstars

Readers Theatre

Science Rocks

Fun Fitness

Zumba Dance Club

You Tube Science

Directed Drawing Club

Music Makers