Creating an Account

You will need an email address to create an account. You can obtain a free email account at, Google (Gmail), etc.

Go to the GCS Backpack site

If you already have a Parent Backpack Account, please proceed to step 4 in the instructions below to add a Student to your Account.

1.  Under "First Time Here?" click the I'm a Parent button.
2.  You will be directed to the Sign Up for Parent Account page. Complete the form on this page.
           Enter your current email address.
           Create a password containing at least 10 characters following the password requirements listed.
           Fill in your full legal name (no nicknames).
           When you are finished, click the Create my Parent Account button.
3.  Check your registered email account for an Account Activation message. You must click the Activate your Backpack Account button in the body of the email to complete your account setup. Clicking this button will take you back to the Backpack log in screen. Use your email and password that you created above to log in. 
4.  You can now link your students to your account by clicking on My Students (you will need your Student’s ID Number).
5.  Once on My Students screen, click the Add a Student button. Fill in your Student’s information, then click the Request to Add a Student button. If your information is correct, you will receive a confirmation message. The message will direct you to go to your student’s school to verify your identity and lists the documentation you will need to bring to set up your Decision Maker/Parent Account for your Student:
          State/County issued birth certificate
          Government issued photo ID
          Divorce/Separation documents (if applicable)

If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 864-452-0200

*****You may also view the Parent Training for Online Enrollment by clicking the following link.

Overview of Online Enrollment Process for Students New to District: 

The following directions are for an Online Enrollment of a student who is new to Greenville County  District Schools. 

Reminder - You must have an email account to create your Parent Backpack account. If you do not have  one, you can obtain one via Google, Outlook, etc.

Creating Parent Backpack Account 

Go to the District Parent website of On the Parent Backpack screen, please click on the “I’m a Parent” button, in the green box.

You will need to click on the Sign Up as a Parent button.

This will take you to the Sign Up screen. Here you will type in your email address, create your password,  fill in your name and verify that you are the parent of a Student by checking the box and then clicking on  the Create My Parent Account button. 

An email will be sent to you. It is a verification email to make sure that you have access to the email  account that you just used to create your Parent Backpack Account. Please click on the blue Activate link. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your Junk folder. Please activate your Parent  Backpack account as soon as possible.

Create Online Enrollment 

Sign in to Backpack for Parents using

You will see this screen to enroll a new Student in Greenville County District Schools. Click on the  middle green button that says, “Enroll a Student.” 

Or you can click on the Enrollment icon on the Left-hand Navigational Bar.

This action will take you to the Enrollment Introduction screen. It will show the sections you will be  filling in to create your Student’s Enrollment and what Documents are required to complete the  Enrollment Process. 

In the middle of the screen are warnings that it is best to Enroll using a computer instead of a mobile  phone, and about Enrollment for K3 or K4 Students. Then you will click the checkbox stating that you  are named on legal documents, either Birth Certificate or Custody Documents, as Parent or Guardian of  this Student.

The Academic Year screen has the year in which you are enrolling the student.

How to Enroll a Student

Next is the Student Information screen. This screen contains Student Name, Parent Relationship,  Preferred Name, Home Phone, Home Address, Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Gender,  Federal Race, and Ethnicity.  

Please note that required fields, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Race/Ethnicity are  marked with a red * 

Once you have filled in all of the information, click on the blue Next button. 

If all of the fields are filled in, then you will see the next screen. If you have missed some areas, you will  see a message. 

If you are uncertain about the information and leave it blank, you can proceed to the next screen by  checking the box and clicking on the “Next” button. The checkbox confirms that you are aware that you  are leaving fields blank, which may delay the Enrollment Process.  

Please be aware that if you scroll back up the screen, the blank field will be color-coded to match the  warning message. Please be aware that you will use the Next button to move to the next screen.

How to Enroll a Student

Next, you will fill in your information on the Contact Screen. You will fill in your name, phone number,  address, and employer. Click the Next button when you have completed this. 

Designations are to show the Student’s School that you can pick up your Student, the Student lives with  you, you receive their postal mail, and you are an Emergency Contact. 

The Emergency & Health forms are next. The first Health form asks for current medical issues that your  Student has. The second Health form requests the Medicaid Number if your Student has one.  

Section 6 contains information on Schools & Academics. Here you enter information such as Enrolling  Grade, Enrolling Home School, Choice or Magnet Application Number, previous School Information for  your Student. 

Transportation is covered in Section 7. Here you will provide information on your Student’s mode of  Transportation to and from School. 

There are two screens for Additional Information. The first one has questions regarding the first  language of the Student, the language spoken at home, etc. The second screen asks about  Free/Reduced Lunch, Homelessness, IEP, 504, foster/group home, military status of Parents, and  Migrant. 

Documents & Forms are where you can add documents to your Student’s Enrollment, such as your  Government Issued Photo ID, Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency, etc. 

Lastly, you will Review & Submit. The system will show you any warnings regarding anything you might  not have filled in during the process. Click on the Next Button. Now you receive reminders of  information that you will have to supply to the Student’s School to complete the Enrollment Process.  Click the Next Button. 

Finally, you will see your Student’s name, enrolling grade, Date of Birth, School of Enrollment. Please fill  in the date of your Student’s first day at school. Click on the Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature  checkbox and click on the green Submit Enrollment button. 

You will receive a message.

At the bottom of this screen, you will see Things to remember…. This section reminds you that you  need to contact or visit your Student’s School of Enrollment. It also lists what documents that you will  need to bring with you to complete the Enrollment Process.