Student Clubs and Organizations Application Process

Thank you for your interest in forming a new student organization at CHS. Your
interest in co-curricular activities is an integral part of the educational process in High School.


  1. Find an advisor: Ask a teacher, an administrator, or a staff member if they would be open to becoming an advisor for the club or organization.
  2. Propose an idea for an Organization: talk to your classmates and find at least three other potential students.
  3. Complete the CHS New School Clubs/Organization Form: Meet with your advisor, create your constitution, fill out the necessary forms, and submit them via the CHS \ New School Clubs/Organization Form.
  4. Start meeting!: After you have received your approval you can have meetings for your organization.

To achieve status as a registered student organization, an organization must do the following:

Once the completed application for registration has been submitted and approved by The SGA Committee, it will be forwarded to Mr. Delaney for review. After the administration has acted on the proposed charter, the proposed organization will be notified of the action taken.
For a student organization to keep its registration active, it must maintain a roster of at least
seven current Carolina High School students who have a 2.0 GPA or above.

An organization must renew its registration every fall semester.

Please contact Mr. Bryant ( if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in starting your organization.

De’Areyes Bryant
SGA Advisor