Carolina Advanced Placement Programs

The Payoff of Advanced Placement

AP Calculus AB

This is a course for the mathematically gifted student capable of college-level work. The course outline reflects the content currently recommended by the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Students enrolled in the course are required to take the AP Calculus Exam in May.

AP English Language & Composition

This is a college-level course for those students who are highly competent in verbal skills. Language and composition will be explored in-depth through a close reading of nonfiction texts and essays. Writing tasks include analytical and critical essays as well as various other types of composition. Particular attention is given to rhetorical analysis and persuasive techniques. All students enrolled in the course are required to take the AP Language and Composition exam in May.

AP Environmental Science

The AP Environmental Science course provides students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the relationship of organisms in nature, to analyze environmental problems and to search for a solution for these problems. Students must take the AP Environmental Science Exam in May

AP Human Geography 

This college-level course is designed to allow & students to study in depth the nature and perspectives of geography, population, cultural patterns and processes , political spatial organization, agricultural and rural land use,  industrialization and economic development, and& cities/urban land use. Students are required to take the AP exam in May. This course may take& the place of Global Studies 1 or Global Studies 2.

AP Music Theory

This college-level course includes studies of keys, scales and modes, triads and seventh chords, 4-part analysis and composition, sight-singing, melodic and harmonic dictation, intervals and the harmonic series, musical texture, meter and rhythmic notation, and figured bass realization. Students are required to take the AP Music Theory exam in

AP Studio Art

This college-level studio course in art is for artistically talented and highly motivated students. Students must develop a portfolio of work for submission to the College Board Advanced Placement Program for college credit based on an examination. Prospective students must be able to work independently and spend extensive time working beyond the regular class time. Students have the choice of submitting either the drawing portfolio OR the 2-D design portfolio.