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Parents: Transportation Form Information Padres: información del formulario de transporte

Click here for the link to the new 2020-21 online transportation request form. We are asking for a completed form for all students so we can efficiently plan for how students will arrive and depart our campuses daily. It is particularly important for students who have moved or changed schools to have a form completed. Car riders, walkers, bicyclists, and daycare bus riders are also required to complete this form. In order to ensure school bus transportation on the first day of school, forms are due by July 31st. School bus requests submitted after July 31st will not be routed until after Labor Day in the order they were received. 

Haga clic aquí para obtener el enlace al nuevo formulario de solicitud de transporte en línea 2020-21. Solicitamos un formulario completo para todos los estudiantes para que podamos planificar de manera eficiente cómo los estudiantes llegarán y saldrán de nuestros campus diariamente. Es particularmente importante para los estudiantes que se mudaron o cambiaron de escuela que se complete un formulario. Los conductores de automóviles, caminantes, ciclistas y conductores de autobuses de guardería también deben completar este formulario. Para garantizar el transporte en autobús escolar el primer día de clases, los formularios deben presentarse antes del 31 de julio. Las solicitudes de autobuses escolares enviadas después del 31 de julio no serán enviadas hasta después del Día del Trabajo en el orden en que fueron recibidas.

La Clínica Móvil de Atención Médica Prisma Health

La Clínica móvil de atención médica Prisma Health proporciona exámenes físicos completos de deportes durante los exámenes de bienestar infantil para los estudiantes interesados ​​en participar en el atletismo en el otoño en su escuela.
Para calificar, el estudiante debe estar inscrito en Lakeview Middle School
• Planea jugar un deporte de OTOÑO (fútbol americano, ​​voleibol)
• NO tiene un médico de atención primaria
Por favor llame al 864-380-8995 para hacer una cita
• Un padre / tutor legal debe acompañar al estudiante para completar la documentación necesaria
La Clínica de Atención Móvil de Prisma Health está estacionada afuera de Lakeview Middle School todos los viernes hasta julio (excepto el 6/26 y el 7/3) de 9:00 a.m. a 3:30 p.m.

Prisma Health Mobile Health Care Clinic

The Prisma Health Mobile Health Care Clinic is providing complete sports physicals during Well Child Exams for students interested in participating in Fall athletics at their school.  
To qualify the student must be enrolled at Lakeview Middle School
Plan to play a FALL sport (football, volleyball)
Do NOT have a primary care doctor
Please call 864-380-8995 for an appointment
A parent/legal guardian must accompany the student to complete necessary paperwork
The Prisma Health Mobile Care Clinic, is parked outside of Lakeview Middle School every Friday through July (except for 6/26 and 7/3) from 9:00am until 3:30pm.   

Congratulations to our ACE Award Winners!

Eugene J. and Apolonia T.

We are excited that they were selected as a 2020 ACE (Advocates for Character and Education) Award winner.  These two wonderful young people were selected through the Coaches 4 Character ACE Awards program, for being well-deserving unsung heroes that are recognized for their strong character, community service and academic effort.  We applaud these two for representing Lakeview Middle School so well!  


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