BMS Teacher of the Year

Each year, a teacher is chosen to represent Bryson Middle School at the district level.
This person is selected by our Bryson Middle School  faculty in recognition of his or her outstanding teaching ability.

Ms. Jennifer Poole

2023-24 Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Poole graduated from Newberry College with a B.S. in Middle Level Education with an emphasis on Science and English.  She began her career in education at Glenview Middle in Anderson School District Five teaching science.  During her second year teacher, she went back to school at Anderson University obtaining her Masters in Education.  She joined the Bryson Middle family in 2017.

Ms. Poole loves spending her time outside of school with her family.  She can be found at the pool with her son most of the summer.  She is an active member of the Fountain Inn community and is often spotted at downtown events or cheering on students at the baseball field.

Ms. Poole is excited for the 2023-24 school year as a 6th grade science teacher and science department chair.  She plans to incorporate the new South Carolina Science Standards into Project Based Learning.  Her classroom is full of sustained inquiry and student voice/ choice.  

Ms. Poole attended Bryson Middle School as a student. 


Past Teacher of the Year

2022-23 Kiara Lewis

2021-22 Timyra Hudson

2020-21 Alicia Sloan

2019-20 Sherry Helms

2018-19 Amber Beyhymer

2017-18 Carla Washington

2016-17 Fritzi Cole

2015-16 James Kliewer