Happenings in the Hive

We would like to provide housing for honeybees!  If you see a swarm of bees near the downtown Greenville area, please call AJW and provide the location of the swarm.  We love honeybees and want to make sure they are safe and happy.  Thank you!

Hello Engineers!

On Saturday, April 15, we welcomed home our new colony of Honey Bees! A few of the AJW Bee Ambassadors came to help transfer the bees into the observational hive. Don't worry, they had on beekeeping suits and veils! Be on the lookout for the AJW Honey Bees flying around!

Bee Ambassadors transferring the new hive

Bee Ambassadors holding part of the new hive.


Bee AmbassadorThe Bee Ambassadors' Club at AJW fosters knowledge and promotes the need and value of our pollinators.  We advocate for our bees, making sure they are able to do their job in a clean and safe environment. When we do our part, we can create positive change for all to benefit.


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Honeycomb cells with eggs are cool!  Can you can spot the eggs?

May 20th is World Bee Day

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Bee Live Cam

Ever wonder what happens inside a beehive? This infrared live cam shows the complex inner workings of this Carniolan bee colony living inside a large hollow log in the town of Buchloe, Germany. Watch as the bees build combs, produce honey, protect the queen, and raise a new generation of workers and drones.

May 2013

Bees and You

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