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Volunteers and Visitors

Important Information for All Volunteers and Visitors to the School

All volunteers need to log on to the Volunteer screening website: .  Right click and open hyperlink on the e-mail provided.  It will take the volunteer right to the application.  Next, type in all required information and print forms.  The last form will be filled out in pen to have volunteers check whether they wish to be Level 1 or Level 2 Volunteers.  I suggest everyone checks Level 2.  The district will complete the criminal background checks.  This is a two week process for all applicants.  Volunteers bring completed applications to the school office for us to keep on file and make a copy of a photo id – passport or license.  If volunteers do not have the capability to access a computer and printer from home, we will have one available for their use at school. 

The link for the second form which needs to be printed out and filled out by hand is:

The Visitor only category will need to bring their driver’s license EVERY time they visit the school to be scanned and receive Sex Offender Registry clearance.  No application necessary.

 All volunteers and visitors to the school will need to have their license EVERY time they visit the school to be scanned and receive Sex Offender Registry clearance.

 Thank you for your support and dedication to keeping all of our children safe.  We must never compromise the safety of our school family.


Mrs. Mihalic

School Supplies

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