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Parent Opinion Survey

The Educational Accountability Act of 1998 specifies that “school report cards should include information in such areas as evaluations of the school by parents, teachers, and students.” Student, parent, and teacher opinion surveys have been designed to measure the perceptions of three (3) factors:

1. Home and school relations

2. The school’s learning environment

3. The school’s social and physical environment
The results of the student, parent, and teacher survey for the annual state report card are included in the Student Safety section of the state report card.

Parents, please use the link below to access the state opinion survey.  Input the following school ID code when prompted: 2301046  

Thank you for your participation!

Parent Survey

SC Ready/SC PASS Testing Schedule

All Plain third through fifth grade students will participate in the state-wide testing according to the schedule below.

April 27 - ELA Day 1

April 28 - ELA Day 2

April 29 - ELA Day 1 (virtual students; eLearning day for in-person learners)

April 30 - ELA Day 2 (virtual students; eLearning day for in-person learners)

May 5 - Mathematics

May 6 - Science (4th graders only; in-person and virtual learners)

May7 - Mathematics (virtual students; eLearning day for in-person learners)