Seat Time Recovery     

Greer High Seat Time Recovery     

A 3-hour STR session costs $10.00 and equals two class periods.

A 6-Hour STR session costs $20.00 and equals four class periods.
Seat Time Recovery is only for students who are passing a course, but have exceeded the number of absences (5 for a semester course and 3 for a quarter course noted as N and/or A).


STR will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4pm -7pm. Saturday STR will begin in the Spring.


ADMITTANCE: Students will be given a contract to sign by both parent and student when payment is made. Students without a contract  WILL NOT be admitted – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Money must be paid when student signs up during lunch. CASH Only (no checks will be accepted.) Bring the EXACT amount; no change will be available. No refunds!

 PLACE: Greer High Media Center beginning at 4:00 and ending at 7:00. Tardy students will not be admitted, no credit, no refund.


ASSIGNMENTS:  It is the student’s responsibility to bring Textbooks and enough academic work to keep him/her occupied for the duration of each session. Students without study materials will not be admitted! Library books will be acceptable; no resource materials will be available at the site.


MONITORS: The STR staff will have the right to dismiss a student at any time, when deemed necessary due to lack of materials, behavioral problems, etc. Upon dismissal, no STR hours will be made up for that day and no money will be refunded.


TRANSPORTATION: The student is responsible for transportation to and from the Seat Time Recovery Site.
School Coordinator Signature:                                                                 Date
Student’s Signature:                                                                                   Date
Parent/Guardian’s Signature:                                                                   Date

Students complete one contract for the year. RETURN THIS CONTRACT TO Coach Dix in room 234a or at lunch. Contract and payment must be submitted to attend STR.