History of Greenbrier Elementary School

Greenbrier Elementary first opened in 1968. During the school's first years, Greenbrier served students in grades 1 through 6. It was only a matter of time before this small community began to grow. Several years later, K5 was added when 6th grade moved to the middle school. About this time, the area around Greenbrier began to change.

With more people moving to the area, school enrollment increased. The community continued to grow and flourish as new businesses and housing developments settled here. As a result, Greenbrier began building renovations in 1999 in order to expand facilities and add a new building to accommodate the increasing student enrollment. A building dedication was held on March 16, 2000. However, with an ever-increasing population, Greenbrier went through another renovation project.

An additional wing was added to accommodate 1000 students. Greenbrier Elementary has supported the growth and development of students, working together with parents and the community.

As we celebrate Greenbrier's rich history, we fully realize that today we are building a legacy for the future.

Greenbrier School Principals