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Positive Parenting Seminar

The Greenbrier School Counselors will host a virtual Positive Parenting workshop on Monday, May 10th at 6:00. This Triple P workshop is titled The Power of Positive Parenting. Triple P is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world and is backed by more than 35 years of ongoing research. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help you build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage your children's behavior, and prevent problems from developing.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please use the link below to register.



May Lunch Menu

Please click the following link to view the lunch menu for the month of May. The menu is subject to change based on food delivery. 


Summer Bridge Program - BY INVITE ONLY

Greenbrier will be offering a summer bridge program to students this summer to help fill in learning gaps from this year.  This program is not open to all students and is on an invite status only.  If you receive an invitation in the mail and want to accept the spot in this program, please use the registration link below.  Based on our responses, a second round of invites will go out after spring break for grade levels that have room.  We wish we could open this up to all students, but unfortunately our space is limited.  If you need transportation, please make sure you indicate that on the registration form.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 355-5300.


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Please make note of the following dates for STATE testing this year. Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be testing on these days.

Each testing date, please be sure:

Your child gets plenty of sleep the night before.
Your child is on time for school.
Your child has a healthy breakfast at home or at school.

The schedule will be as follows:

SC READY ELA Day 1 (virtual students grades 3-5 only) - April 29th

SC READY ELA Day 2 (virtual students grades 3-5 only) - April 30th

SC READY ELA Day 1 (grades 3-5) - May 4th

SC READY ELA Day 2 (grades 3-5) - May 5th

SCPASS Science (4th grade virtual students only) - May 6th

SC READY Math (virtual students grades 3-5 only) - May 7th

SCPASS Science (4th grade) - May 11th

SC READY Math (grades 3-5) - May 18th 

Covid-19 Protection and Prevention Tips

Please click the following links to view Covid-19 Protection and Prevention tips.

English version 

Spanish version


Greenbrier Mission & Vision

Our Mission:  We are kindness leaders, relationship builders, and successful learners. We are Greenbrier, the school of kindness.

Our Vision:  Student success is based on building relationships and fostering kindness. · All students are unique individuals with distinct abilities and are capable of learning. · Positive relationships among home, school, and community are essential.

School Visitor & Volunteer Guidelines

In order to be a volunteer at Greenbrier, the following steps must be completed: 

  1. Complete  an online application and receive clearance from the district before volunteering at any school/center or chaperoning any school field trip. Please visit the following link: District Online Volunteer Instructions for steps to complete the online application.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for the approval process.
  2. Complete Greenbrier's Online Volunteer Orientation by reading the 2019-2020 PTA Handbook, and then completing the Google form.  You will be contacted within 72 hours, via email, upon completion.     PTA Handbook              

***Volunteers who are serving as chaperones on field trips must visit the school to have their State Issued ID scanned the Monday prior to scheduled trip.***

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office at 355-5300. 

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival

Morning drop off is a busy time and extreme caution must be exercised during this period. Our building opens for students at 7:00. Students should remain in vehicles until then. There is no early drop off.

Please be reminded that only authorized vehicles with parking passes are permitted in the teacher parking lots during morning drop off. Please do not let students out of cars in the parking lot. 

Our staff will continue to monitor traffic each morning to ensure a safe arrival for all students, staff members, and visitors to the school. It is vital that everyone follows posted traffic signs, exercise courtesy and caution while on campus.  As a courtesy to other drivers, please have your child(ren) prepared to exit as quickly as possible when your car stops in the green zone. There are two entrances to the school that are in the green zone. Thank you in advance for following morning drop-off procedures and assisting us with providing a safe environment for everyone. 

Afternoon Dismissal Line: 

We continue to monitor our afternoon dismissal/student pick up procedures and would like to make you aware of the following bulleted items:

  • Please do not leave your car unattended or parked in the car line.
  • Please park in a designated parking space prior to coming into the school for activities and early dismissals.
  • You may begin to use the right and left lanes when lining up for afternoon dismissal.
  • Please park in the parking lot and come inside to pick up students if you do not have the dismissal tag. You will need your state ID to pick up students.