Our Principal

Mike Noel, Principal

Dear Berea High School Family:

I am grateful to all of you who support Berea High School. It is a pleasure to be the principal of such a great school. Our faculty, staff, students and community have demonstrated why Berea High School is such a special place. Each year we prove that we are one of the best kept secrets in Greenville County.

As you all know, it has been a difficult couple of years. We have put a lot of time and effort to ensure that we are providing an environment that is safe for our students to return. Our faculty and staff have been working hard to provide a quality education to our students. With the interruption in March of 2019 and inconsistent scheduling changes necessitated by COVID last year, students are further behind academically than ever before. The last time our senior class had a full year of school was their freshman year. So it is vitally important that we as educators, parents, and student prepare to innovative ways to help students reacclimate to a normal school year, and be productive learners.

How can the parent help? Parents should sign up for Parent Backpack. The link is on the district and school websites. Backpack will give timely updates on grades and attendance. Parents will still need to verify their identity to finalize access. Parents can follow up to make sure that students are actually completing assignments. Another thing parents can do is send teachers their email address and request that the parent be added to Google Classroom as the guardian. Google Classroom will then send parents weekly updates on student progress and allow the parent to see if their student is actually logging on to Google Classroom. No matter which format a parent decides to use, it is vital that parents are following up with their students to see what they have completed.

With your help and the tireless dedication of our faculty and staff, we will provide a bright and prosperous future for all of our students. It will take hard work and dedication from all stakeholders in the Berea High School community. Please continue to encourage your student and support their teachers, coaches, and staff members who are here to help you make your student productive citizens and pillars of our community, who strive to be excellent in everything they do. We hope you have a great year. Thank you for choosing to be a Berea Bulldog!



Mike Noel, Principal

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