Career Planning

You came to Lifelong Learning to earn a diploma but we offer you much more while you are here.  It is value added extra help to prepare you for what you are going to do after you graduate.  Are you going to work? Or go to post-secondary education? Or do both?

Lifelong Learning has five College and Career Navigators (CCN’s) who can work with you to help plan your future.  They can help you explore the best path for your future.  They help you determine your aptitudes and interests so that you take the right training.  You will be coached with writing your resume and cover letter and learn how to dress appropriately when you go for an interview.  They will help you understand the world of work culture.  Getting to work on time, being honest, using good communication skills, and working hard are all important habits to develop when thinking about your future.  You will also receive help with determining the right college or technical school for your chosen career path.

Earning your high school diploma will be a great accomplishment and your ticket to a better future.  BUT, that ticket is not worth much if you do not use it to get a better job that pays more or going onto post-secondary education.