About Lifelong Learning

Main Campus - 206 Wilkins Street, Greenville, SC 29605 (Sullivan Center)

Open for daytime, evening and Saturday classes depending on your selected program

What is our School's Philosophy?

At Lifelong Learning we believe that students from 17 to 99 should have a chance to achieve their goals, improve their academic skills, learn English, and/or obtain a high school diploma or GED. We believe that all of our students deserve equity and opportunity through education, and we definitely believe in doing whatever it takes to help each of our students succeed. 

Who Do We Serve?

We serve our immediate community, as well as students from around our state that are 17 or older and looking to make a difference in their lives through education. Whether you are seeking ESL classes and support, a high school diploma, or GED, we are here to serve you, and help you achieve your dreams.

What opportunities are available for our students?

  • WorkKeys/WIN Preparation and Assessment
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Pre-GED and GED classes
  • Basic skills classes
  • High school diploma classes
    • In-person assistance and virtual options 

Other Information

  • Largest Adult Education Program in South Carolina
  • Official GED Testing Center for the SC Department of Adult Education and has provided testing for over 9000 testers since 2010.
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Information