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3 Hour Delay

Due to precipitation, combined with a black ice advisory and forecast freezing temperatures in the overnight hours, Greenville County Schools will operate on a 3-hour delay tomorrow, February 21.  Bus routes will begin 3-hours later than normal and schools and offices will open to receive students 3-hours later than usual.  Please be aware that depending on the results of an early morning assessment by the ICE team, school could still be cancelled.  A final decision will be made and communicated to you by 7 a.m. 
The school day will conclude at its regular time. Most employees should arrive three hours later than normal; those employees who begin the work day after 11 a.m. should report at regular time. Students will not attend morning classes for the Career Centers or Fine Arts Center.

Spring Sports Parent Meeting!!!

Due to weather the Spring Sports parent meeting has been moved to Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 5:30 in the cafeteria!



8th Grade Social Studies Arts Integration Project

Mrs. Perkins's 8th grade social studies classes participated recently in a SmartArts unit in collaboration with the Metropolitain Arts Council. Check it out! 


League Academy Band is SOARING!

We are so very proud of our League Academy BAND!  This year we have had the most students EVER to be selected for All-County, All-State, and Region band. A list of all of our band students involved is below! Congratulations to Mr. McBride and the LA Bands! 



CKH Nominee

Materials from Carnegie Parent Session

Session Video

Carnegie SlideShow

Greenville County Schools Instructional Protocol

League Academy curriculum and instruction operates under the Greenville County Schools Instructional Protocol. Have any questions? Contact us!

GCSD Instructional Protocol

Extended Day Program

Click the link below for more information on our Extended Day Program! 


Carnegie Math Curriculum

Parents! Want to know more about our new Carnegie math curriculum?

Carnegie Parent Letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17_1a_CpNfeZJy13leUajTxdoArBORcAHB1RCZlZmUE4/edit

Article: https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2019/09/study-shows-that-students-learn-more-when-taking-part-in-classrooms-that-employ-active-learning-strategies/

South Carolina School Report Cards Release Date October 1

South Carolina School Report Cards

Below is the link to our School Report Card, released October 1, 2019 by the State Department of Education.  Based on a number of factors, each school in the state has been rated as excellent, good, average, below average, or unsatisfactory. Please click here to access the site: https://www.screportcards.com/ 

These report cards factor in multiple data points, test scores and surveys. The report attempts to measure a school’s academic achievement, student progress, college and career readiness and school climate. The reports will also include data on English Learners’ Progress, Student Safety, and Financial information. High School reports will factor in graduation rates.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our school’s ratings, feel free to contact our principal via email or phone.

More Chromebook Information for Parents!


Do you want more information about our new Chromebooks? Click the link below! 

Let’s Make a Chromebook Deal


League Community!

Parents and Families! 

Please sign up for our Principal's Remind 101 Message! Please click HERE for instructions!  

LA Student Redo/Retake Plan for 2019-2020

Please click HERE to access League Academy's Redo/Retake Plan for the 2019-2020 School Year.