Food and Nutrition Information

Breakfast is FREE for all students at Hollis Academy. Breakfast is served daily from 7:15am-7:35am. Please be sure your child arrives at school on time in order to take advantage of our free breakfast. 

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

More information about Greenville County's food and nutrition programs

Breakfast and Lunch Program

     The lunchroom manager and her assistants provide a nourishing well-balanced breakfast and lunch each day for students and staff. While students are encouraged to eat the lunches prepared at school, they may bring a lunch from home. Please do not bring fast food lunches or carbonated drinks to school. Breakfast is served each morning from 7:15am-7:35am. 

     Food and Nutrition Services expect payment either in advance or at the point of service. Students at elementary and middle schools are allowed to charge meals on an emergency basis only. Students at high schools and adults at all locations are not allowed to charge meals. If parents or guardians find it impossible to pay for student meals, please apply for free or reduced meals by completing an application available from your local school cafeteria manager.

     Elemementary students will receive an alternate meal* when there are no funds to purchase a meal. A la carte sale will not  be sold to students who are given an alternate meal. A list of students that are affected must be generated the day before and given to the school prior to school opening the following day. The school must communicate to the child prior to lunch that an alternate meal will be served. Communication with parents must be done when the balance is less than $5.00. Letters or phone messages by FANS will be the preferred method of communication. 

Adults- MEAL CHARGES ARE PROHIBITED unless it involves a school function where prior arrangements have been agreed upon by FANS and school administration. 

*An alternate meal for breakfast will consist of oatmeal and fruit juice. 

*An alternate meal for lunch will consist of a sandwich and milk.