Updated DHEC Requirements for Quarantine and Isolation

SCDHEC has issued new requirements that reduce the length of time for COVID-19 isolations and quarantines. Greenville County Schools is required by law to follow DHEC’s requirements, and we have updated our processes effective immediately and for the opening of school on Monday, January 3, 2022. At this time, early return from isolation is for school attendance, extended day programs, and other extracurriculars where students can wear a mask while participating. Early return does not apply to athletics.

For students who test positive for COVID-19, the isolation period has been reduced from 10 days to 5 days if there are no symptoms or symptoms have improved. DHEC requires students to wear a mask for days 6 through 10 when they return to school. In addition, students must provide a parent note confirming that symptoms have improved and there has been no fever in the past 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication. Parents may email this note to their school or send a copy to the school with their student.

For students who are exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and who are not vaccinated, the minimum quarantine period has been reduced to 5 days. Quarantine can end after Day 5 if a viral test is negative and if no symptoms were present during the quarantine period. A PCR or antigen test must be collected no sooner than Day 4. At-home tests will not be accepted. Regardless of vaccination status, DHEC now requires a mask to be worn by exposed students through Day 10 when they return to school. DHEC recommends exposed students get tested on Day 5 as well.

For students who are currently excluded from school based on the previous DHEC quarantine/isolation requirements, updated guidance is being issued individually if applicable.

More information about these changes have been updated on GCS’s COVID-19 information webpage and within the Safe Return to In-Person Instruction document.

4K Applications Accepted January 10-March 11, 2022

A limited number of full-day 4K classrooms are offered in some elementary schools and six GCS Child Development Centers. Hollis academy is a location that offers At Risk 4K. These 4K classrooms are for children at risk for school readiness. Children selected for the GCS 4K program must demonstrate academic/developmental needs and/or risk factors such as low family income and low parent education level.

The GCS 4K program provides high quality, rigorous instruction in early reading, early math, and social-emotional skills using the SC Early Learning Standards. Students attend 7:45-2:15. The GCS Virtual Program is not available to 4K students. Children must be four years old on or before September 1, 2022 to be considered for this free program, beginning August 2022.

4K Calendar

Apply Online

The following documents are required to apply online:

Photo ID from any state or country
Two current “proof of residency” documents (all must contain property address).
These can be a combination of:Current bills – i.e. electric, gas, water, cable
Current mortgage statement or current signed lease agreement with landlord’s name and phone number
Child’s Birth Certificate
Signed Certificate of Immunization, Conditional Certificate of Immunization, or Religious Exemption Certificate (Religious Exemption Certificate provided by Health Department)
Transportation forms are only required if you plan to use bus service.

Please note: completing the application does not guarantee enrollment in Greenville County Schools At-Risk 4K program. Placement will be considered after all applications are ranked districtwide and students will be placed in available spots based on need.

For more information, please email or call 864-452-0437.

School Hours

7:45 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Students may be dropped off at 7:00am at the earliest. They will be served breakfast in the cafeteria until 7:35am. Students will be tardy after 7:45am.

Dismissal time is 2:15pm. Car riders must be picked up by 2:45. At 2:45, parents will have to park and come inside the office to sign out their student on the late sign out sheet.