Red Raider Spirit

School Colors

  • Red and White

School Mascot

  • Red Raider

School Seal

School Seal

Greenville High School Alma Mater

There is a school we love and hearts belong. ‘Tis Greenville High, for which we sing this song.
There we are taught to fill in life a place; There learn to do, to dare, to run the race.
Trueness and Purity our colors show- Red as the crimson and white as the snow.
Loyal to our motto may we e'er be, Only through truth shall we be free.
Though we may wander far, whate'er our lot, We'll ever keep the sweet lessons you've taught.
Our hearts will turn to thee in tenderness, And pray God bless you, dear old GHS.

Greenville High School Alma Mater Piano Score

Greenville High School Fight Song

Greenville High, hats off to thee.
To our colors true we will ever be.
Firm and strong, united are we.
Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah.
Greenville High is best by far.
Hats off to Red and White.