Honor Code

An honor code is essential to Greenville High School so that students, faculty, and administrators are able to work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust. A personal code of honor promotes self-esteem for students and growth in their trust in themselves and others. The purpose of the Honor Code is to guarantee a system under which students can trust, help others, and understand what is expected of them.

As a student at Greenville High School, I accept that it is my responsibility to uphold and improve the example set by previous classes. I understand that my actions reflect not only my character, but also my School.

Therefore, I will:

  • strive to achieve excellence
  • support and take pride in all areas of my school
  • be honest in my actions and words
  • lead my fellow classmates by responsible example with a mature and positive attitude.

I will not lie to a faculty member, cheat, or steal.

  • Lying includes:
    • making any statement one knows is untrue or false
    • signing an Honor Pledge when one knows he should not
    • forging a signature.
  • Cheating includes:
    • copying someone else's class work, homework, quizzes, other grade work or tests (or knowingly giving one's own work to someone else)
    • looking on someone else's paper or test
    • plagiarizing using unauthorized testing aids
    • asking, receiving or telling information about the contents of a test
    • submitting work that is not your own.
  • Stealing includes:
    • taking or borrowing something without the consent of the owner
    • removing school property
    • failing to follow proper check out procedures in the cafeteria, media center, school store, etc.