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The Greenville High Alumni Association 501c(3) provides a valuable resource for former students and graduates of Greenville High School. The Association maintains an off-line data base of address information on alumni, supports current school programs and assists in coordinating community involvement in the current school programs. The Association maintains an archive of memorabilia and ephemera with plans for a future GHS Museum within our school.

Membership dues are $15.00 per annual year. Membership dues may be paid by check or money order to the address below.

For additional information, to volunteer time or resources, or to donate memorabilia and ephemera, please contact The Greenville High School Alumni Association at

Additional information on Greenville High current activities and Alumni Association activities and events may be found on Face Book at “Greenville High School Alumni”.

Keep Your Contact Information Current to Be Informed of Your Class Reunions and Other School Activities Which Would Be of Interest to Alumni


Please provide:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name (Please include maiden name if applicable)
  3. Graduation Class Year
  4. Physical Mailing Address
  5. Home Telephone Number
  6. E-Mail Address

The Alumni Association does not sell Alumni contact information. The data base is maintained off-line for security purposes. The Alumni Association does provide contact information to authorized Class Representatives for reunion planning purposes.  On occasion, the Alumni Association may contract with reputable agencies to send emails to our entire mailing list pertaining to events and activities of interest to all Alumni.  The Association has no plans to place an Alumni Directory on line.

Greenville High School History
In 1888, Central School was built to educate students through the seventh grade.  Thirteen teachers, all female, comprised the first faculty.  Eighth, ninth, and tenth grades were soon added and organized into a separate high school department with classes held on the top floor of the building.  In the early 1900's,under the direction of Superintendent Dr. James Lewis Mann, the eleventh grade was added and the school's name was changed.  In the fall of 1938 students attended classes at a new building at the site of the old Mary Cleveland School on Vardry Street.  An impressive three-story, yellow brick structure proudly displayed the new name above its doors as it still does today: GREENVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

Greenville High School Hall of Fame

A number of Greenville High School alumni have made significant contributions to society.  These individuals have been honored by inclusion in the Greenville High School Hall of Fame located in the front office lobby of our school.  Visit our school lobby to find out more about the outstanding contributions made by each of our outstanding alumni who have been elected to our Greenville Senior High School Hall of Fame.  The following alumni have made significant contributions in such areas as Business, Science, Humanities, Government, Athletics, and the Arts. 

Rudolph Anderson, Jr.

Harry Scott Ashmore

Phillip Lamar Boykin

William Thomas Brockman

Carroll A. Campbell, Jr.

Richard Brannon Cass

Sarah Cunningham

William Clyde Devane

Richard Allen Deitz

Charles Benjiman Dubose

Charles Fernley Fawcett

Samuel Joseph Francis

Calhoun F. Gault

Christine Burton Gregory

Thomas Goldsmith, Jr.

Clement F. Haynsworth

John Wilbur Hicks, Jr.

John M. Hix, Jr.

Frederick L. Jones

Herman Warden Lay

Douglas Leigh

G. Heyward Mahon

James R. Mann

Wilton F. Mason, Jr.

Gerda Prevost McCahan

Raven Ioor McDavid, Jr.

Wilton Johnson McKinney

James Anderson Moore

William Hill Orders

Emile Pandolfi

John Laney Plyler

Richard Wilson Riley

Bennie Lee Sinclair

Joseph Emory Sirrine

John M. Sitton, Jr.

Betty Peace Stall

Rembert R. Stokes

Nick A. Theodore

George Brown Tindall

Charles Hard Townes

John Broadus Watson

William W. Wilkins, Jr.

Albert Curry Winn

Joanne Woodward

David Horton Wilkins

Virginia Uldrick

Clayton McManaway

Mamie Jolley Bruce

Johnny Mack Brown

Charles "Red" Carter

Don Linn, Sr.